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I can't connect the device
  1. Make sure you follow the steps in the app instructions. 
  2. Make sure that your phone is near the device and that the device is within the Wi-Fi coverage area of the router's Wi-Fi network. In simple terms, you need at least 3 divisions of your phone's Wi-Fi icon near the device. Otherwise, the connection may be interrupted both during the connection procedure and during control of the device.
  3. If you use external Wi-Fi module make sure its firmware is updated to the last version.
  4. If the network settings limit the number of connected devices or there is a ban on connecting according to some criteria, then these restrictions must be removed. This is a common story for corporate networks - here you need the help of a network administrator.
  5. For Google Pixel phones: On Android 11, Google has a bug that prevents connectivity. Helps to turn off the mobile Internet before connecting the device on the phone.
There is no control over the Internet, but everything works within the same network
  1. The router blocked the device from accessing the Internet. Change the network settings on the router.
  2. The provider has blocked access to the servers. Set up a VPN on your router.
There is no control within the same network, but everything works via the Internet

UDP access blocked. Change the network settings on the router.

Unable to install device/Wi-Fi module software update

To update the device software, please make sure:

  1. the phone is in the same Wi-Fi network with the device
  2. the device is turned on and connected to a Wi-Fi network
  3. there is a stable connection between the phone and the device.

Sometimes the application may say, "Failed to connect to the device. To install updates, your phone must be on the same Wi-Fi network as the devices." Although in fact the phone and the device are in the same Wi-Fi network. This happens when the application considers the quality of the local connection to be bad. This happens when there is a long distance to the router or interference from other devices operating on the same frequency (for example, neighboring routers). In such a situation, it helps to bring the phone closer to the router and / or wait and start the update procedure again in a minute or two.

If it is not possible to bring the device closer to the router (for example, an air conditioner), then there is a life hack - remove the Wi-Fi module from the device, plug it into any USB adapter to charge the phone, and plug the adapter into a socket next to the router. Connect Wi-Fi module to the application. It will display as WFN-02. Update software on it. Plug it back into the device

Why does an app need geolocation all the time? Is eats out the battery.

Geolocation is needed to determine the weather and air quality (for air cleaners). And also for connecting devices. In theory, you can put a geopoint on a room during setup only, but then this geopoint will be stored on the server, and we carefully avoid storing important personal data of users. The geolocation does not drain the battery if applications are given permission to use it only while using the application.

Can't register. No confirmation code received.

The code is not sent if your mail server or mobile operator considers the message to be spam. Try another address or another authorization method

The device displays some information on its screen, but the application does not show it to me

The application only shows what the device sends to it. Not everything that it sends to his screen, it gives to the application also.

After connection, the device is remotely controlled for some time. But then the connection disappears and the device is no longer controlled. Only resetting the settings and reconnecting helps.

This can happen with devices that can connect on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, and your networks on these frequencies are named the same. We recommend calling the networks different names. And it is good practice to create a separate 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network for IoT devices without access to devices in other networks.

The device itself did something, I did not command it.
  1. One of the automatic modes has worked in the device.
  2. Schedule has worked in the device.
  3. Some other account also has access to control the device (you can see it in the Rights Control section).
How to delete an account from the ClimatOn app.
  1. To delete an account in the ClimatOn application, click on the "Delete profile" button in the "Profile" tab in the application or send an email smartapp@cladswiss.com with the text: Please delete my account: (phone number or email address to which the account is registered). The account will be deleted within 7 business days after sending the email.